Never fight alone

Aurinia AllianceTM is a personalized support program from Aurinia, the company that makes LUPKYNIS, designed to help you better understand lupus nephritis, assist you in navigating insurance and LUPKYNIS funding options, and support you to help stay on track during your LUPKYNIS treatment journey. Once you enroll, you'll be connected with a dedicated Nurse Case Manager, who will be your direct contact throughout the duration of your LUPKYNIS treatment.

To have a Nurse Case Manager contact you and help you enroll in Aurinia Alliance, provide your phone number when signing up for information from LUPKYNIS.

Prepare for your next appointment

Feel confident asking your doctor questions about LUPKYNIS. Our downloadable doctor discussion guide can help you start the conversation.

Organizations leading the way

Connecting with peer communities and support networks are a great way to get involved, from raising awareness about lupus nephritis to helping you feel connected and supported by others who are fighting the same fight.

Please note that we do not endorse or monitor the activities and content of advocacy groups or their websites.

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