What is Lupkynis?

A treatment that helps you fight back

LUPKYNIS is the first and only FDA-approved oral medication specifically indicated for the treatment of lupus nephritis. It has been proven in clinical trials to help control lupus nephritis and protect the kidneys from further damage without high-dose steroids.a

An oral

Helps to get lupus nephritis under controlb

Helps stop the attack of lupus nephritis

Helps protect the kidneys from further damage

aAs part of a treatment plan that included mycophenolate mofetil and steroids.

bControl was defined as reducing protein in the urine to ≤0.5 mg/mg, while helping maintain kidney function.

How does LUPKYNIS work?

LUPKYNIS packs a powerful one‑two punch

Lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys caused by lupus, that can lead to serious health problems and permanent kidney damage.

That's where LUPKYNIS comes in.

One: Helps stop the attack on your kidneys

LUPKYNIS helps calm the immune system, reducing inflammation in the kidneys and helping stop the attack of lupus nephritis.

Two: Helps protect your kidneys from further damage

LUPKYNIS protects specific cells of the kidneys to help keep them functioning. It works by helping stop protein from leaking into the urine, which is a key sign of disease activity.

Feel confident talking to your doctor about LUPKYNIS

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